I’m calling it the “For the love of God, can we please stop fucking paying attention to Sarah Palin?” rule, but I’m sure we can all think of something better. After all, we’re the fucking liberal elite. Or that’s who tells us what to write about. I’m still a little fuzzy on that detail.

Anyway, the rule is this: If someone hasn’t done anything politically relevant in a year, don’t fucking quote him or her. It’s just like the way you’re supposed to give clothes to charity if you haven’t worn them in a year. If you haven’t worn that shirt in a year, you’re not going to wear it anymore. And if you keep giving Sarah Palin the attention she so desperately craves when all she’s doing is pulling an opinion out of her ass, all she’s going to do is keep pulling opinions out of her ass. You shouldn’t let her take up column space any more than you let that shirt take up closet space. Pulling opinions (and facts; lets not forget facts) out of your ass is an entertaining parlor trick, I’ll give Palin that, but she shouldn’t be in the news unless she’s actually running for office.

Which I kind of want her to do again. Because if anyone can get a Democrat elected, it’s her.